Internal Energy Detox 
(For groups of up to 15 people)

Many of us still live with triggers from past experiences.  These triggers can send us into anger, frustration, stress, or other unhelpful dispositions that hinder our potential and productivity.


Think about the energy of anger.  Every time we get angry we expend some level of energy resource on the futile activity of anger.  When we are able to find the triggers, and disable them, we can begin to utilize that internal energy in more productive ways. 


Harvard Medical School's Mind-Body Institute research show that:

 75% - 98% of mental, physical and behavioural illness – ( in other words 75-98% of all illness) comes from one’s thought life.


The Internal Energy Detox will expose toxic internal energy which is impacting thinking and behaviour.  Lindy will deliver training and equipping exercises to begin to eliminate these emotional dispositions and establish new strategies for positive outcomes.


Material Covered in The Internal Energy Detox:


·      Understanding the effects of toxic internal energy

·      Establishing the triggers of these energy depleting patterns within

·      Utilising tools we have developed you will dismantle the hold of these internal energies

·      Cultivating new internal energy pathways for future maximisation of your potential


Expected Outcome


In helping your managers and executives identity and understand how to manage their internal energy, it will result in less conflict, improve productivity and inter-company relationships resulting in a happier and more productive workforce


Cost of the One Day Internal Energy Detox                          $2,500