(For groups of up to 15 people)

Our thinking determines who we are:   Due to past perceived failures, we can begin to shift and change how we see ourselves. Therefore this impacts our mental agility and processes and will almost certainly have resulted in us embracing limiting mindsets.


Whilst risk analysis is always paramount, taking risks to live in the fullness of our potential is exciting and rewarding.  It fuels productivity and our personal sense of accomplishment making for a happy and contented workforce.


The Identity Detox will help you identify past experiences which have prompted you to adopt limiting mindset and limitations on your thinking and abilities. Lindy will deliver equipping training and exercises to  retrain the brain for positive outcomes.


Material Covered in The Identity Detox:


·      Identify the past perceived failures or even successes that have changed, defined and limited your thinking

·      Unpack the effects of these events to establish the limitations you have subscribed too. 

·      Utilise tools to remove those ceilings on your thinking

·      Identify and Strategize how to move forward to harness your maximum potential


Expected Outcome


As your managers and executives are enabled to identify who they are, and recognise their strengths they will be empowered to function more fully in how they are wired.  This will result in more personal contentment, less conflict, more productivity, and a more pleasant working environment for all staff.


Cost of the One Day The Identity Detox                               $2,500