(For groups of up to 15 people)

In a world dominated by negativity, we will often find that we have unintentionally adopted negative ways of thinking and being, totally unconscious of how this is impacting who we are and how we function by effecting our attitude and ability to be our best self.


This negativity will also impact our emotional well-being, our mental agility, and our physical health.


Harvard Medical School's Mind-Body Institute research show that:

 75% - 98% of mental, physical and behavioral illness – ( in other words 75-98% of all illness) comes from one’s thought life.


The cultural detox is designed to reveal unconscious toxic thinking habits.

According to the Neuroscientists, the way that we think will actually change the way our brain functions and we can rewire our brain function with changes to our thinking habits.

The Cultural Detox will expose toxic thinking habits that have rewired our brains in detrimental ways and will deliver equipping exercises to address this and reprogram the brain for positive outcomes.


Material Covered in The Cultural Detox:


·      Understanding the energy within to maximize our energy output

·      Cultivating positivity and gratitude to change the brain rewiring for increased productivity

·      Remove gossip from the workplace to cultivate an empowered environment

·      How to control our personal thinking habits to harness our maximum potential


Expected Outcome


By empowering managers and executives to cultivate a positive environment it will result in happy staff, increased productivity and less days off due to staff sickness.


Cost of the One Day Cultural Detox                          $2,500