Corporate Packages


Equipping the Corporate World to Maximise their Potential

Cultural Detox

Retraining & Rewiring thinking and attitudes resulting in better health and greater productivity.

Do you have staff who:

  1. Are difficult to direct

  2. Display irritability which impacts the entire workplace

  3. Are unable to be a team player (only work well alone)

  4. Need to expose the flaws in others

Internal Energy Detox

Exploring the level of wasted productivity due to rampant detrimental internal energy.

Do you have staff who:

  1. Are very touchy and are easily triggered

  2. Have frustration and or anger issues

  3. Are bossy and overbearing 

  4. Have difficulty in getting along with colleagues

Identity Detox

Empowering personal identity to foster realisation of personal potential resulting in empowerment and increased achievement.

Do you have staff who:


  1. Have noticeable depression or anxiety which impacts the workplace

  2. Low self esteem which impacts their ability to deliver their best

  3. Constantly misunderstand and interpret things in a negative connotation

  4. Have a high rate of absenteeism