Equipping the Corporate World to Maximize their Potential

Lindy Strong is a Potential Maximising Consultant.  She has 15 years of experience using holistic tools, therapies, and techniques that she has developed to help people unlock their latent potential, enabling them to dream higher, see wider, and work bigger. 


Lindy has discovered that detoxing negative impact events creates a powerful platform for future change.


Every one of us carries within us some past incidents that impact our present life.  That impact will have an effect on how we fulfil our potential. Lindy has identified three specific areas that when detoxed empower the workforce as follows:

Cultural Detox

Removing the cultural contamination from a world dominated by negativity which impacts attitude and ability within the workplace. This detox will include retraining and rewiring thinking patterns resulting in better health (less sick days) and greater productivity.

Internal Energy Detox

Exploring the level of wasted personal productivity due to rampant detrimental internal energy.

Identity Detox

In detoxing from past failures Lindy will empower personal identity to foster realisation of personal potential resulting in corporate empowerment of staff and team.

Lindy works on a one to one basis with clients all over the world, and she also delivers on site group potential maximising packages at management and executive level.

Lindy developed these tools working with the homeless and impoverished where funding for conventional treatments was limited.  Harnessing the success of her tools  she branched out into other demographics of society seeing the same success.


From Private Individual to Corporate Development to Corporate Group Packages


3 Tailored Packages


Corporate Personal Development 


Maximise your fullest potential


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Lindy can also deliver taster days where she will put together a session on each detox as an introduction to the Corporate Package.

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